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About Us

Here in GP3D

GP3D is a subsidiary company of Green Project Inc. where it is an international imaging supplier with offices based in China, Europe and the United States. Here at GP3D, we strive to provide you with a premium filament choice when it comes to 3D printing material. Our products are extensively developed by the best engineers, and passed through heavy quality systems such as ISO 9001. Product development is our strength and that is what our customers look to us for.



Helping The Enviornment

The culture and vision for GP3D is simple.  We strive to accomplish the goal of our mother company, Green Project Inc.  As each day passes, our landfills continue to fill with discarded empty recyclable inkjet and toner cartridges. Here at Green Project, we take discarded cartridges and give it new life. You may think that there is a sacrifice to quality but in truth, our products meet or exceed user expectations. Our customers get the same great quality prints that they are used to. For each cartridge that we save, we not only reduce waste, but also consumption of oil.

Did you know that in North America...

  • Over 300 million cartridges are discarded every year increasing by more than 10% every year!
  • Two and half ouces of oil are used to manufacture an Inkjet cartridge.  The same fundamental applies toGP3D.
We provide material that are benificial to the environment while providing a top product quality to our customers.