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What is the biggest size object that I can print?

The Root and Root Plus have a maximum print size of 6” x 6” x 5.5”

What type of materials can I print with?

Root: PLA and flexible.

Root Plus: flexible, PLA, ABS, PA, PC, HIPS, PVA, and wood 

Can I print directly on the glass?

We recommend using the sheets of masking tape (which are included with your purchase) to cover the glass.  Once covering the glass, make sure that all four clips are on tightly to hold the glass in place on the bed.  For better adhesion, we recommend applying a thin layer of glue stick to make raftless printing much easier.

How many microns will the layers on my 3D printed model be?

The GP3D Root and Root Plus have the ability to print at 200-300 microns. We will also have the ability to print at 100 microns in the near future.

When will we have the ability to print at 100 microns?

Currently, our printers have the ability to print at 200 to 300 microns (0.2 to 0.3mm.)  We are working on a software update that will allow us to print at 100 microns (0.1mm).

What operating systems do GP3D printers run on?

Germinate software works on Windows OS (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, and Windows 10.)

What software do GP3D printers come with? 

GP3D printers come with Germinate 1.0 (root) and Germinate 1.1 (root plus). 

Can I fully design projects with it too?

No – The Germinate software is designed to accept stl files.  It slices it into layers and creates a gcode file to allow you to print the item.

The print job did not come out correctly what do I do?

In order to make sure your print job comes out perfectly, make sure that you calibrate your printer and level the bed. Once calibrated, make sure that the temperature of the extruder head is set to 220-230 for PLA.

Click here for step by step instructions.

Is there a User Guide?

Yes, the root and root plus have PDF user manuals installed on the SD card (root) or USB (root plus).  You can also download the User manuals from our website at the following link.


I think my extruder is clogged – what do I do?

If your extruder is clogged please click here to download the step by step instructions to clean and unclog your extruder.

What is the return policy on GP3D printers?

GP3D may occasionally determine the best course of action to remedy an issue is to exchange the Product for a new one. In order to request claims, contact GP3D support at GP3D.com/support/claims. GP3D will determine if the claim is viable for a Return Merchandise Authorization. Product or parts returned without a Return Merchandise Authorization will not be eligible for service. If the Return Merchandise Authorization is approved and guidelines are followed, GP3D will ship the replacement part at no cost, other than shipping costs pertained to the first End-User/Purchaser. In order for GP3D to service the claim, first End-User/Purchaser is responsible for the cost of all shipping to and from GP3D for any defective parts

What type of warranty do the printers come with?

The Limited Warranty covers “Root” & “Root Plus” for 1 year from the date of purchase that adheres to the terms and conditions below with the exclusion of the extruder assembly and touch screen.

However, this Limited Warranty provides full coverage of “Root” & “Root Plus” only for the first 60 days of purchase from the first End –User/Purchaser. During the first 60 days from the date of purchase the full coverage includes the extruder, build plate and or heating element. At the end of 60 days, consumable parts not covered are: filament, SD card, extruder, touch screen, build plate, heating element and peripherals included in the box. (“Consumables”, defined as disposable items, parts or components of “Root” & “Root Plus” which are inherently subject to deterioration and wear out during the normal operation of “Root”)

Please click here to read our full warranty.